yfficient | Efficient with a “Why”

The business name “yfficient” is the combination of the words “Why” and “Efficient,” revealing two guiding influences.

Purpose, or “Why”, permeates what we do.

  • Why are we pursuing a goal, and why is this goal important?
  • Why do we select one solution over another?
  • Why do we establish a process, or use a technology, and not another?
  • Why does this [fill in the blank] happen?

Efficient action helps us to achieve a better result faster or for less cost. Sometimes all three!

  • What do we want to achieve with our effort?
  • What effort, time, and resources are appropriate to reach our goals?
  • How can we identify, use, and improve the methods, technology, and learning to create a continuously improved result?

I look forward to collaborating with you as we solve your publishing puzzles!