As a graphic designer and production artist, I strive to be a craftsman in my trade. It’s a point of personal pride and professionalism. My desire to be a craftsman provides purpose in how I go about my work.

I believe that craftsmanship is …

  • Incorporating a high level of skill in every project stage.
  • Continuously applying new learning, improving, and broadening your skills.
  • Striving for excellence in all things, especially related to your art — whether that be a grand creative endeavor, a common administrative task, or a personal hobby.

Craftsmanship does not settle for mediocre. Ever.

Improve your business, products, and services with a craftsmanship mindset
  • How can you apply good craft to your personal work? Is it learning a new tool, or broadening your knowledge of tools you already use?
  • How can principles of good craft be implemented within teams or departments — even within whole organizations — to make a positive, impactful difference?
  • How can good craft lead to your company’s work being recognized as exceptional?

Like athletes who improve through intentional training and transforming their skills to the next level, change doesn’t happen over night. Be mindful of areas where 1) craftsmanship can improve important aspects of your business, and 2) give thought to where poor craft or sloppiness may be limiting you.

I’d love to hear your stories about craftsmanship, especially when you are aware of good craft. You’ll be surprised where it shows up!